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The CarbonTube Piano Tuning Lever

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The CarbonTube is guaranteed to make your
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Dear Customers,

The FUJAN Carbontube Lever is only available on this website or by contacting Steve Fujan. Anyone selling similar looking piano tuning levers are selling unauthorized copies. If you want to be sure you are getting the performance you have heard about, and that you deserve, choose a genuine FUJAN CarbonTube lever.

A few years ago, we announced the introduction of our new heads that accept Jahn star tips. This is now the default configuration, and levers now come with your choice of a 30mm or 40mm long Jahn tip. The quality of the Jahn tips is excellent, providing consistent fit, and excellent durability due to case hardening. If you want to use Watanabe tips, an adapter is available.

Please click the SHOP tab above to check pricing and place an order if you wish. If you have other questions, feel free to email Steve for more details.

A word of caution. Watch out for imitations. All carbon fiber levers are not equal! If you see a lever claiming the advantages of extreme stiffness provided by carbon fiber, look at the attachment of the lever to the head. Any lever that still uses the traditional head with small diameter threads will not provide the performance of the FUJAN.

20 April 2019

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